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Group Classes
Guide your puppy through critical milestones without losing your mind! We help with common puppy issues while preventing problems that can show up later.  We know that you want a friendly, sociable, calm dog, and our Puppy Plan classes have all the advice you need exactly when you need it. 
Learn how to:
  • Socialize your puppy correctly and safely
  • Deal with common puppy problems like nipping
  • Teach your puppy to love nail trims
  • Get your puppy to really listen to you — e.g. come when called, drop objects, sit, lay down, and leave it
  • Prevent problems like resource guarding and handling issues
5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).
Missed out on our puppy program?  No worries! It’s never too late to get started. Older dogs do need some special strategies to overcome those bad habits, but we have drills for that!
Learn how to:
  • Get your dog to calm down and settle
    Get your dog to focus on you
  • Begin overcoming distractions
  • Face problems like jumping, food stealing, and pestering
  • Get your dog to really listen to you — e.g. come when called, drop objects, sit, lay down, and leave it
  • Teach nail trims even if your dog already hates them

5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).

Ready to enjoy your dog even more? In Advanced Skills, we’ll work on pushing the boundaries just a little bit further.
Your dog will learn how to:
  • Sit and lay down when told from far away
  • Come when called away from distractions
  • Listen when your back is turned
  • “Be good” without being asked
  • Stand still and open their mouth for teeth brushing
5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).
Loose leash walking is one of the hardest skills to teach because it’s in the real world with distractions and temptations. We have a plan and break everything down to make this plan achievable. Be prepared to work hard, drill smart, and have amazing breakthroughs along the way. You’ll be the one your neighbours envy! 
5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).

Tired of dragging your dog away from visitors at the door?  Stop feeling embarrassed! In this class, we teach your dog to run away from the door, lie on a mat, and wait until guests enter. Oh, and they’ll keep all four paws on the floor when they finally get to greet them!

5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).
Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is at least 10,000 times better than ours? They can sniff out drugs, lost people/pets, and even money. 
In this class, we use pet-friendly essential oils to teach your dog how to act on their natural hunting instincts. You’ll be able to keep them busy for extended periods of time, and ensure that when they’re finally done, they’re tired out from all the mental stimulation… It’s good for them! 
5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).
This class is a fun, exciting way to develop your teaching technique.  We vary the tricks in each class based on the body type of the participants, and pick tricks that make your dog shine. Some dogs are built for speed or doing leg weaves, while others can balance objects really well. What will your dog excel at?
5 week session for $195.00 (including HST).
1-on-1 Time
Is your dog leash reactive? Or fear reactive? What about a resource guarder? Different problems require different solutions, and that’s why we’re proud to be offering personalized private sessions that use trained decoy dogs to allow your dog to face their anxieties without feeling overwhelmed.
5 week session for $450.00 (including HST).
Scared dogs need a kind and gentle touch to help them build their confience. We have decades of experience helping dogs feel safer in the world, regardless of whatever they fear.
5 week session for $450.00 (including HST).

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